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Classic premium and super-premium ice cream flavors that are culturally inspired and globally celebrated.



We believe that ice cream either reminds you of a place that you’ve already been or takes you someplace new.  It’s inspiration. It’s community. It’s connection.  It’s culture. 

1848 Heritage Handcrafted Ice Cream is a selection of classic premium vintage ice cream shop flavors, interspersed with interpretations and creations that celebrate the Pan African culinary traditions.

Five proprietary bases that we make in-house serve as the foundation for each flavor concept. And each flavor concept is conceived based on flavor, texture, ingredients, and of course, story.

We bake many of the pastry inclusions ourselves, or source from Texas-based bakers and pastry chefs and combine these with fresh, seasonal ingredients as well as chocolate, liqueurs, spices, from all over the world to create ice cream that is full of flavor and deliciously self-indulgent.

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