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Small batch ice cream interpretations that are inspired by the history, food ways and ingredients that span the Pan African and Pan Latin culinary diasporas, interspersed with vintage ice cream shop concepts is what we do. All of our concepts are based on flavor, texture, and of course, stories...of the regions, people, ingredients that inspire us. From the ingredients to the aromas, textures and hues, our ice cream flavors are culturally inspired and globally celebrated.

What makes our ice cream super premium?  A luscious and dense texture, well-balanced and unique flavor profiles, natural ingredients and a butterfat content of 16% or higher. Five custom bases serve as the foundation for each flavor concept, all of which are proprietary recipes. This includes one egg-free and one fully vegan, or nut milk base.


Our business was founded in 2018 with a vision to revolutionize Houston's food culture with an artisanal ice cream in one-of-a-kind flavors and experiences that cater to the city's diverse population.  We believe that ice cream either reminds you of a place that you’ve already been, or takes you someplace new.  It’s inspiration. It’s community. It’s connection. And, it's science.  So, we set out to create super premium, artisanal ice cream for people seeking a decadent dessert experience.


We have a passion for the product, and a commitment to the community in which we serve.  We source sustainably, from  Texas-based farmers, bakers or pastry experts to providers of ingredients from across the globe.


Transform the everyday to a delightful special occasion with a PLK Gift Card. Our gift cards are available in multiple denominations, and they never expire!


Enjoy, like, and share the PLK GREATEST HITS reels
and most especially, the FLAVOR DROP SERIES.

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