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Image by Ilia Zolas


2023 Rodeo Houston Best Bites Winner

Our homage to Stagecoach Mary, the first African American woman to carry mail with a rifle and a shot gun is truly special.  Our Caramel Stracciatella is layered with Bittersweet Dark Chocolate, our house made Ethiopian Pralines which emit a sweet start with a savory finish, and Texas Whiskey Caramel Swirl.

Bourbon Cream

Our classic Sweet Cream custard warmed with brown sugar, orange bitters and Uncle Nearest 1856  Premium Aged Wiskey, which honors the world’s first-known African American master distiller, Nearest Green. This ice cream is the perfect holiday pairing with nut and custard pies, cakes and bread puddings. THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS ALCOHOL. THE ALCOHOL BY VOLUME (ABV) IS 5% OR LESS.


Lemon Chiffon

When freshness meets creaminess and simplicity. Meyer Lemon Custard heightened with Terpeneless Lemon Oil gives this PLK Fan Fave Flavor a distinctive aroma the flavor of a lemon pound cake.

Butter Rum

This is our take on the ice cream version of Rum’s curious Afro Caribbean/American history. It is Butter Rum flavored custard. While the sugarcane industry was unquestionably made possible via the institution of slavery, it has also been written that it was the enslaved who developed the rum making process of fermenting and distilling molasses.  While rum was enjoyed by the enslaved as well as by poor whites, Rum was literally trending in today’s terms back in the 1700’s.

Cinnamon Dulce Caramel Ice Cream

Named for the Chef’s eldest Auntie of the same name, this ice cream is an emulsion of simple ingredients, such as brown sugar, Ceylon and La Canela South American cinnamon. We gave it a kick with a salted caramel ribbon.

HONEY ROSE_edited.jpg

Honey Rose with Sweet Moroccan Dukkah

Throughout North Africa, honey is as common an ingredient in the preparation of sweets, as is rose.  Our delightfully light Honey custard sings with the crunchy, aromatic blend of Sweet Dukkah, a North African blend of toasted spices, seeds and nuts with speculous cookie crumbles.


Smooth dark chocolate ganache ice cream made with a blend of Black Cocoa, which emits a smoother non-bitter taste, and the N’awlins crunchy creaminess of candied praline pecans.


Pecans are roasted in brown butter, dusted with sea salt, baked into our crunchery-buttery

home-baked pecan cookies, and folded into our creamy brown butter pecan base.



The praline, which was originally a French confection and a method for coating whole almonds in grained caramelized sugar, is named after 17th century diplomat César, duc de Choiseul, comte du Plessis-Praslin. The method shifted from almonds to pecans in New World in the late 1700s, especially in Louisiana, specifically in New Orleans.  Back then, the confection was commonly sold by street vendors, Creole women, known as Pralinières. We honor the entrepreneurial spirit and legacy of these women with this flavor. 

Prickly Pear,  found in abundance in Mexico, especially in the central region and in the West Indies, tastes like a combination of pomegranite, kiwi and watermelon. It's super fruity, light and when paired with limes and the spirit of 1800 Tequila, it morphs into a tart, refreshing and delightfully boozy scoop. THIS PRODCT CONTAINS ALCOHOL. THE ALCOHOL BY VOLUME (ABV) IS 5% OR LESS.

Vintage Vanilla Ice Cream

Ode to our inspiration, Edmond Albius, who was an important figure in the cultivation of the vanilla bean, our rich, creamy and sweet, our vanilla custard is slow-cooked custard blended steeped with vanilla beans harvested from Reunion Island, or Ilse Bourbon, Edmond's birthplace.

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

Sallie Shadd, a freed slave who in the 1870’s achieved rock star status with her concoction of frozen cream, sugar, and strawberries. Dolly Madison was reportedly so impressed with Shadd’s strawberry ice cream that she served it at President James Madison’s second Inauguration Ball in 1813. Our strawberry custard is paired with poundcake, sweet strawberry compote and strawberry balsamic caramel sauce.


Colombian Coffee ice cream with bites of Mandazi African Beignets. Mandazi, a fried donut from East Africa, is a lightly sweetened dense pastry that is often associated with breakfast.


Bananas Foster

The renowned Ella Brennan of New Orleans is undoubtedly one of the most prolific restauranteurs of our time. She and her chef at the time, Paul Blange, created Bananas Foster in honor of Richard Foster a local civic and business leader. More on the origin story can be found here.  In the tradition of the recipe, we flamed ripe bananas in both banana liqueur and brown rum to create what we hope is a classic and fragrant rendition of this decadent dessert.

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