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Image by Ilia Zolas


2023 Rodeo Houston Best Bites Winner

Our homage to Stagecoach Mary, the first African American woman to carry mail with a rifle and a shot gun is truly special.  Our Caramel Stracciatella is layered with Bittersweet Dark Chocolate, our house made Ethiopian Pralines which emit a sweet start with a savory finish, and Texas Whiskey Caramel Swirl.

Georgiana's Brûlée
(Salted Molasses with Creole Fried Pecans)

Molasses was a major trading product in the Americas, being produced by enslaved Africans on sugar plantations on European colonies. One of the largest was the Whitney Plantation where just over 100 enslaved persons would produce as much as 407,000 pounds of sugar in a single season. A descendant of this unfortunate legacy is Gerogiana Boutte Haydel, Great Great Aunt of the Chef and the inspiration for this frozen pot de creme which is sweet, sharp, salty and just about perfect. 

Southside Sorbet


This flavor commemorates the legacy of HTown’s Southern Hip-Hop Culture. The music industry's iconic “Third Coast" is represented by three distinctive flavors in one mouthwatering all fruit sorbet: Cherry/Tropical Punch, Grape/Blueberry and Sour Apple/Lime.  Welcome to the chopped and screwed flavor of Third Ward, Sunnyside, Missouri City, Pearland, Acres Homes, Macgregor Park and South Park. If mixtapes had a flavor they’d taste just like this.


Columbian Coffee ice cream with bites of Mandazi African Beignets. Mandazi, a fried donut from East Africa, is a lightly sweetened dense pastry that is often associated with breakfast.

Mangolada Sorbet

Our take on the Puerto Rican original Pina Colada is a sweet mix of coconut cream, pineapple and orange juices and one of the sweetest varieties of mangos, the Kesar "Queen of Mangos" from India.

Vintage Vanilla Ice Cream

Ode to our inspiration, Edmond Albius, who was an important figure in the cultivation of the vanilla bean, our rich, creamy and sweet, our vanilla custard is slow-cooked custard blended steeped with vanilla beans harvested from Reunion Island, or Ilse Bourbon, Edmond's birthplace.

Mango Peach Cobbler

A mash-up of two of the most vibrant, sacred and widely used stone fruits in the Afro-Caribbean dessert and pastry culture, this flavor features bites of two different sweet and rustic Southern-style cobblers into our sweet buttermilk ice cream.


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

During 1915 to 1970, millions of African Americans moved from southern, primarily rural areas of the United States to urban areas to the north and west. Our family’s journey led us to the mountains of Appalachia, the state of West Virginia, land of numerous Indigenous Tribes and large numbers of immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Italy, Greece, and Poland. In this this mountain melting pot cooking traditions and ingredients were shared and sampled, kitchen to kitchen. One of such was the tart “pie plant,” aka Rhubarb, served in a variety of iterations, from jams to sauces, cakes, tarts and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. It’s inspiration for this classic ice cream parlor flavor that balances a sweet fruit with a tangy vegetable, that when cooked down, becomes its own kind of sweet.  Sprinkled with our butter cracker crust, it is as memorable as it is magnificent.


Pecans are roasted in brown butter, dusted with sea salt, baked into our crunchery-buttery

home-baked pecan cookies, and folded into our creamy brown butter pecan base.


Smooth dark chocolate ganache ice cream made with a blend of Black Cocoa, which emits a smoother non-bitter taste, and the N’awlins crunchy creaminess of candied praline pecans.


Lemon Chiffon

When freshness meets creaminess and simplicity. Meyer Lemon Custard heightened with Terpeneless Lemon Oil gives this PLK Fan Fave Flavor a distinctive aroma the flavor of a lemon pound cake.


Raspberry Batida Sorbet

Batida means shaken or milkshake and encompasses a wide range of ingredients - coconut or fruit, condensed milk, sugar and Cachaça is Brazil's official spirit which is a spicy, sweet, and fruity clear liquor. We steeped fresh raspberries in palm sugar, lime juice, Creme de Coconut and Cachaça to bring you a non-dairy sorbet that is creamy, sweet, and tart.  The word "Cachaça" comes from African captives who worked in sugarcane mill. They gave name to the foam that collected at the top of the cauldrons in which the sugarcane stalks were boiled (the first step in producing sugar). Slaves took the foam and fermented it and named the resulting spirit "Cachaça." This flavor has alcohol in it at a concentration of less than 2%.  

pineapple habanero sorbet

Mi Sierra Negra
(Pineapple Habanero Sorbet)

This plant-based is a Pineapple Habanero Sorbet with Coconut Caramel created to highlight the biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands and the Afro-Ecuadorian culture. The coconut or "Encocado” (meaning “coconuted”) is the essential ingredient in Esmeraldan cuisine. For the Esmeraldans the encocado is a potent symbol of their identity. It is an essential part of their cultural heritage as an ethnic and regionally distinctive people. This flavor is cold with a little heat, tart with a little sweet and gently sweetened with a roasted coconut caramel swirl.

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

Sallie Shadd, a freed slave who in the 1870’s achieved rock star status with her concoction of frozen cream, sugar, and strawberries. Dolly Madison was reportedly so impressed with Shadd’s strawberry ice cream that she served it at President James Madison’s second Inauguration Ball in 1813. Our strawberry custard is paired with poundcake, sweet strawberry compote and strawberry balsamic caramel sauce.

Cinnamon Dulce Caramel Ice Cream

Named for the Chef’s eldest Auntie of the same name, this ice cream is an emulsion of simple ingredients, such as brown sugar, Ceylon and La Canela South American cinnamon. We gave it a kick with a salted caramel ribbon.

Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird cake is a dense, moist Jamaican cake made with bananas, pineapple, pecans, nutmeg, and cinnamon. In the late ’70s, the Jamaican Tourist Board attempted to entice more American vacationers to the island by releasing press kits highlighting classic Jamaican recipes. One of them was a delicious “hummingbird cake”, named in honor of Jamaica’s national bird, the swallow-tailed hummingbird. Or, as it’s known on the island, the doctor bird. A North Carolina cook named Mrs. L.H. Wiggins adapted the recipe by baking it as a layer cake and topping it with cream cheese frosting. Since then, Hummingbird Cake has served as a southern classic. We’ve reimagined it into dream-worthy ice cream carnival of caramelized Caribbean flavors, textures and spices that is both aromatic and irresistible.

Texas Bluebonnet

Wild all-natural dried tea flowers harvested from the butterfly pea plant steeped in our signature sweet custard. The roasted pistachios covered in white chocolate & lemon cream yield the perfect tcrunch. It is a delightfully light floral-forward flavor with a blueberry finish. It’s best paired with Dallas-based Wackym's Kitchen's Lemon Lavender Shortbread Cookie. 

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