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  • Can I return my order?
    Once an order ships, the purchase is final. We do our best to ship your ice cream so it arrives frozen. If this is not the case, please email us immediately at All merch sales are final.
  • When will you add more flavors to the Online Store?
    We’re always adding and removing flavors to our Online Store based on seasonality. Join our mailing list here (insert link to Contact Us tab) to be notified as soon as new flavor drops are announced.
  • Where do you ship and/or deliver your ice cream?
    We are only taking orders for local Houston-MSA shipping and/or delivery. Nationwide shipping will resume once we see a reduction in the overall costs to ship our products. (see the question “Why is shipping so expensive?”). We pack our ice creams in an insulated shipping box with enough dry ice and insulation to keep them completely frozen well into the evening of the delivery date. Dry ice is a solid form carbon dioxide (CO2) gas and has a freezing temperature at -109.3° F (-78.5°C). Dry ice requires special shipping and handling processes by our delivery partners. We’re continuing to explore opportunities for lower shipping costs. Packages go out Wednesday and Friday of each week depending on the shipping/delivery destination, shipping method, and day and time of checkout. (We don’t deliver on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.) Orders cannot be shipped or delivered to P.O. Boxes All sales are final. As long as your ice cream is still "refrigerator-cold" to the touch, they can be safely stored in your freezer with no reduction in quality.
  • Can I add items to my existing online order or make a change to the order I just placed?
    No modifications may be made to an order once it has been placed. If you want to make any changes to your order you’ll need to cancel your order altogether by emailing us at . If your order has already been processed and packaged, we cannot cancel it. You may place a new order, but please note that our inventory moves fast and your new order is still subject to availability.
  • Why is shipping so expensive?
    Ice cream isn’t something we can just throw in a package and send via regular shipping. There’s a lot involved in shipping something temperature controlled including specialized packaging material, dry ice, the overall weight of the package, and expedited shipping. For shipping we charge by the overall weight of the package, plus a packaging fee (we’ve gotta pay the folks who actually do the packaging!). Pease also keep in mind the world events, such as supply chain demands, inflation, and the increase in gas prices, have caused shipping supplies and the cost and availability of dry ice to become more expensive. Moreover, our carrier has also increased pricing on their services.
  • Can I purchase your ice cream as a gift?
    Yes, ok course with a big BUT: since you’re sending a perishable gift, you’ll want to make sure that the recipient is going to be home to open the package and put the contents in the freezer.
  • Do I need to be home to receive my package?
    We authorize our carriers to deliver packages without a signature. Please keep in mind that you’ll want to move your ice cream to the freezer as quickly as possible after delivery! Unless your original delivery date was delayed, or your order was delivered to the wrong address, we are not responsible for melted pints due to packages being opened past 8:00pm on the date of your delivery.
  • Can PLK be a vendor at our event, festival, street fair, etc.?
    We’d love to hear more! Please fill out this form
  • Is there a minimum and maximum number of prepackaged units I can order?
    Yes, there is a 4-unit minimum and an 8-unit maximum for all orders.
  • I listed the wrong shipping address on my order. What do I do?
    Please email us immediately at and we will do our absolute best to update your shipping information before it’s too late. However please be aware that once your order is in process, we cannot change your shipping information or cancel your order.
  • The item I want is sold out. When will it be restocked?
    We only produced a limited number of prepackaged units for the online store. Once an item is sold out, it will likely not be available again for a while. Please be sure to sign up to our mailing list here to be notified as soon as a drop or restock is announced.
  • Who can I reach out to about my online order?
    If you have a question or concern that was not addressed in this FAQ section, please send them to
  • How long after I open a pint is the ice cream still good to eat?
    We think that it’s best to consume your PLK pints within two weeks after you’ve opened them. Our recommendation to extend the life of an opened pint is to press a piece of wax paper or plastic food wrap against the ice cream in an opened pint to prevent the formation of an icy layer on top of it.
  • Is your ice cream certified gluten-free?
    While we have many flavors that do not contain gluten, our products are not certified gluten-free and all of our ice cream is made in the same factory. Please be advised that many of our products may contain dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat and/or gluten unless otherwise specified. All of our products are prepared on shared equipment where cross contamination may occur. For this reason, we advise anyone with an allergy to keep this in mind when choosing to enjoy our product.
  • How much alcohol is in flavors made with alcohol?
    The alcohol in any of our flavors is approximately 0.5% or less per volume. This miniscule, trace amount may come from beer, wine, and/or a spirit used that is not burned off during production to yield a layer of flavor. This is especially true for our signature composed flavors that are more of a complete dessert with inclusions rather than a single note ice cream. For our sorbets, the use of alcohol prevents ice crystals from forming, thereby creating a smoother texture. Is a flavor safe for a child to eat? That is a question for a parent to decide, not PLK.
  • Do you have an ice cream shop location or a local pick-up option?
    You can pick-up your order. We've moved some of our freezers to our corporate location to facilitate this free option. Please go to the Shipping page for details. Until we establish a permanent brick-and-mortar location, we will offer this local pick up option as well as vend via our PLK Pop-Up Shop at local farmer’s markets, festivals and pop-up events. Join our mailing list to find out where and when. It is best to pre-order for pick-up at one of our Pop-Up Shops as we will only bring the inventory that we expect to sell. Don’t worry, we’ll give notify you well in advance of our Pop-Up Shop location and time to place a pre-order.
  • Is your ice cream Kosher?
    No. Our apologies.
  • Can I ask for flavor substitutions in a featured or promoted flavor pack?
    Due to the limited amount of prepackaged units produced, flavor substitutions are not available. All requests for substitution are automatically (and politely) declined.
  • How can I cancel an order?
    Please email us immediately at and we will do our very best to cancel your order before it has shipped. However, once the order ships, the purchase is final.
  • What event and catering service options to you offer?
    We offer the following event options in the Houston TX MSA: ice cream shop pop-up tent, tabletop hand-dipped service, drop off catering and food service.
  • Where can I find ingredient and nutritional information?
    Ingredient and nutritional information can be found on the back of each product.
  • Is your ice cream pasteurized?
    Yes. All of our dairy products and eggs are pasteurized.
  • I have an allergy. Can I eat your ice cream?
    The most up to date allergen information can be found on the ingredients list on the back of each product. Please be advised that many of our products may contain dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat and/or gluten unless otherwise specified. All of our products are prepared on shared equipment where cross contamination may occur. For this reason, we advise anyone with an allergy to keep this in mind when choosing to enjoy our product. We follow good manufacturing processes and organize our production days to go from the least amount of allergens to most, and always wash, rinse, and sanitize equipment between each flavor. We take extensive precautions to keep our allergens separate from one another and from our other ingredients, however, if you have a life-threatening allergy, please take precaution when eating our product
  • Are any of your flavors sugar-free?
    No. Our apologies.
  • Why is your ice cream so expensive?
    Our ice creams are intentionally indulgent, decadent and sumptuous and are developed based on taste/flavor, texture, and story. Each flavor has a unique and specific connection with a culture or a tradition that is befitting the overall brand. Our Chef is one of the few in Houston who pasteurizes their own ice cream bases from scratch. Our ice cream is small-batch, which means we make it to order. It is also ultra-premium ice cream because it is between 16% -20% butterfat, which makes it the highest butterfat ice cream you can find in the country. Five custom bases serve as the foundation for each flavor concept. All bases are proprietary recipes and are original with all-natural ingredients. These bases include two (2) egg-free recipes, as well as one (1) non-dairy/”nut milk” based vegan recipe. The creaminess of our dairy ice creams comes from real butterfat and/or eggs. We use fresh and local ingredients and import some specialty items like chocolate, liqueurs, spices, etc. from all over the world. Our sorbets are vegan & made from scratch with fresh seasonal ingredients. We bake many of the cookie and cake inclusions ourselves, or source from Texas-based bakers and pastry chefs.
  • My tracking number doesn’t work. What do I do?
    Tracking numbers are created once a shipping label has been printed. The number starts tracking once the carrier has scanned your package during transit, which can occur anytime, 24 hours a day. If it has been more than 8 hours since receiving your tracking number, and your tracking number is still not working, please contact us via email. Otherwise, please wait until the initial 8 hours has passed before contacting us.
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